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Reimagining a Bungalow Reno - Ensuite

Over the past year we renovated our Rightsizer, a 1300SF bungalow originally with 3 bedrooms on the main floor, 2 pc ensuite in the Master.

One thing we got really stuck on is how to create our ensuite. We knew that the main floor layout was perfect to incorporate one either by increasing the size of the current 2pc ensuite, or by creating a new one in place of the 2nd bedroom. We came up with what we think is a crazy good idea!

Since moving a toilet is a major undertaking and cost, Johnny suggested we keep the 2pc ensuite where it was at, and update it, and build a 2nd ensuite space for our soaker tub and shower in the space of the second bedroom. Brilliant!! We'd not seen this done before and since trying to figure out where to put the dang toilet in our new ensuite (we don't like to get out of the shower or tub and stand right beside the toilet as we towel off), this solved a myriad of problems for us. We checked with our Plumbers and got the ok for the work to get a drain for a shower and tub, way less work than moving a toilet and sink as well!

Here's what we ended up with and we love it, what a cool new way to imagine renovating a standard bungalow to incorporate an executive style ensuite. You can see where the 2pc ensuite was located off our Master, and how we updated it. Next you'll see where we went into bedroom 2 through the original Master closet and created the tub/shower/vanity area. We were able to fit in a large 6' soaker tub and separate 5' shower along with a cool vanity area for hair/makeup. There's actually water available for a vanity sink, we chose to keep it dry for our use. Also of note, vanity cabinetry selection is important. We finally landed on an Ikea cabinet that fit the 36" space perfectly (btw this space had been the end of the hallway). For vanities you don't want knobs because cords from your hair styling tools will get all caught up. This was a perfect solution, it's shallow at 15" so stays tucked in, and we love that it also floats keeping this room clean is so easy.

Beyond the bath/shower ensuite area on the other side of the sliding door, there is an ample walk in closet with a window! Great space, great light, and all the comforts of more expensive properties at a fraction of the cost.

Keep an open mind as you Rightsize. Use your imagination and keep working on your plans, remembering to always consider resale. You should always have an eye to your budget when you rightsize, you don't want to extend beyond a reasonable value for the property.

This Split Ensuite design that we came up with would not hinder a sale, in fact we consider it a key feature of our home.

PS: it's not for sale. ;)



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